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Oct. 13th, 2012

Comment to be added.


This is a compiled list of movies I need to watch & books I would like to read. I will probably edit it often. But this is just so I don't have to write everything down. Fuck that. Haha. You can ignore this if you'd like

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Bad feelings.

Bad day. Very angry day, ending up depressed. I seriously don't see the point to anything (that will go away... it usually does, but lately it's been very prevalent). I suspect lack of sleep is culprit. And I am very stressed out, which just adds to it, and the lack of sleep contributes to it. So I have become rather depressed, especially today. I simply feel exhausted. Of course, the stress makes me break out, just what I need. I know it's a petty thing, indeed, it's just rather obnoxious, and does not help my already bad mood. I felt rather off-kilter in general today. I have a lecture to go to at SU about genetics around 7:15 (I hope Galen remembers he has to pick me up). I despise when I feel like this.

Thoughts & music.

I am so incredibly happy Obama won. However, I think everyone knew that was what was going to happen.
As for music, I have gotten into so much new music lately. I gave Strapping Young Lad a good listen, and discovered I really like them, more than I initially thought, the same for Nevermore. Via SYL I got into Devin Townsend. Devin Townsend is brilliant. 'Nuff said. Also he's quite amusing, hippie-like and Canadian. That is made of awesome. I re-listened to the new Cradle of Filth album. It really is amazing, and shows Dani Filth's writing ability so fully, and it being a concept album about a serial killer. I've also been listening to a lot of MeloDeath lately (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, etc). And M.I.A. Her music is so addictive.
I barely have time to watch films or do anything besides homework and sleep. How fantastic.
I am now on a gluten- & dairy-free diet for health reasons.

Oct. 25th, 2008

I am so pissed. I am so fucking pissed. I fucking hate everyone right now, I'm not fucking bullshitting either. People are such idiots, not saying that I'm not, I know I am. But sometimes, I really don't know what the fucking hell people are thinking. I can't deal with people right now. I try to be optimistic, but it doesn't seem to work for me, especially when I'm pissed off, over-tired and stressed out. Fucking insomnia.
I know a few of the reasons I am so frustrated with everyone are stupid and petty, and I try not to feel them, but I can't. Being exhausted and stressed is making me irate and rather depressed. Trying to do all of these college things, coursework, homework, and projects. I barely see my friends, and I'm barely spending time on the internet, the television, or etc. Yet I still do not seem to get all of my work done. Thankfully I am able to do work at lunch, but I might be switching tables to have a change. Also I have a lot of classes with Galen & Kerry. I love them, but I need to get the fuck away from them for a while. Also, even though I have two classes with Dan where I sit next to him, it feels like I barely see him. I just hope it isn't perceived that my motive for sitting there is because of a certain someone. I just feel like this is going to be very awkward. Or that I'm going to take someone's spot. I need to get away from everyone but Tim & Dan for a month.
I really wish my mother would stop talking in fucking platitudes and let me turn up the heat for the house 2 fucking degrees. I'm so fucking cold and my blood is barely circulating.


Clothes & books.

I bought a "The Dark Knight" shirt and three pairs of pants, as well as AP books. So I'm rather happy. Twilight of the Thunder God is fantastic, however, I forgot that it came out in the States yesterday. Haha. I don't really have anything to talk about now. Besides the really attractive guy at the store where I bought the shirt. Indeed.

I am tired.

Very happy because I'm getting a new mp3-player after my previous one went into a coma which it will not be coming out of. Also this new one has 10 more gigabytes of space, making it have 30gb & it is refurbished, so it was half-price. I'm rather pleased about that I have to say. But all this coursework is killinngg me. I am so tired because I was up for quite a while on a bio exam, but I still don't think I did very well on it.
Not too good.
I had better get a good night's sleep tonight. Another thing is that I am expecting the Black Ice soundtrack sometime soon... because Helene bought it for me for my birthday. oO You see. Helene is from Austria (last year's foreign exchange student) and I, out my friends really reached out to her I guess? And we got along really well. So she's sending me a (belated) birthday gift. I feel a bit bad, because I'm expecting it wouldn't exactly inexpensive, as she is sending it from Austria to Central New York. Hm.
Not to mention I thought she was joking about asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I mean it is something I really wanted, and it isn't available in the States. If I did purchase it, it would cost at least $25 without shipping. Damn dollar, being so fucking worthless. Especially now, our fucking economy is "in a crisis." I don't believe it's as bad as they say, not to say it's not bad, but I think they're just trying to frighten us. I hate politics, but I have to pay attention or else then what am I going to do when we have shitty people running our government (as we do now)? And I am unhappy that I cannot vote this year. I'm only one year off. I say that's not fair. But if I could vote, I wouldn't know who to vote for. I'd probably vote Green Party, in all honesty, because at least I voted.
I just hate how our government is run or that the race is governed over by people who are at extreme ends, though McCain is a moderate Republican. Palin not so much. Teresa dressed up as her today, Kogut was her "twin" and dressed up as McCain. They were quite good, everyone had a laugh.
I found an interesting group of books from a publisher called "Forgotten Books" which include works by Saxo Grammaticus (think Prince of Jutland, but text), all sorts of mythologies, esoteric, occult and such works. I was quite happy with this.

3:10 to Yuma

Just watched it. Really good, especially for a Western. Because of Bale I think I have discovered I enjoy more genres of movies than I thought I did. Though of course sci-fi/dark/action & fantasy are always my favorite. :)
There were many good actors in this film.
I watched it on tv-links.cc, which I am disappointed I forgot about. I could have watched this & Rescue Dawn on it over the summer, as well as a decent version of Swing Kids. What a shame. Oh well, I remembered it and watched 3:10 to Yuma today. It is really good, but has a strange ending, though an ending suiting to a Western, I would assume. Bale pulls off the accent well, I believe, and works well with it, because it is not as thick (his character is originally from Massachusetts).
There is a definite homoerotic overtone between Charlie & Ben Wade, though it is definitely one-sided, as Ben doesn't seem to acknowledge, or at least only uses Charlie's affection for him. This may partially be because I saw something on LOGO about it, but really, if you listen at one point to Charlie's voice when he says "I'll wait for you" it doesn't sound like a lackey talking to "Boss" as he so frequently calls him, it's rather subtle, but it's there. I do think it's a good movie, probably not one I'll buy, but a good one, for sure. I want to read the short story now... Bale films are adding so much literature to my already-large reading list.

A FOURTH Pirates of the Caribbean?

Uhm. No. Do NOT make another Pirates of the Caribbean film.
But they are. I had heard mentionings of it before the making of the third movie, but I thought that was just silliness, especially after Gore Verbinski said that the third one would be the final one.
But I guess he changed his mind or just lied. Or it's a different producer or something along those lines.
What the hell is this? I mean I love them to a degree I guess, especially the first... After that they were a bit disappointing, I have to say. But they're making a FOURTH? Please, no. That's plainly terrible. It was said numerous times that it was a trilogy. Argh. No. And it isn't as if Johnny Depp doesn't have enough films that he's working on/going to work on.
Eh. I don't like this.
On another note, Mr. Depp is going to be the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. That, however, will be amazing, I wager. He seems perfect for that role, and Tim Burton is quite the creative genius himself.

Autumn & assigned reading.

Yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn, my favorite season. :)
Of course, I am a bit disappointed because I was unable to do anything for Mabon, but it's alright. I bought cider and had a lot of fruit for lunch.
David Copperfield is very good, actually. I've decided I love Victorian literature, and that Dickens really is good; just not abridged. Do not read Dickens abridged, it makes it so dry & boring. For 9th grade/freshman year all of class read A Tale of Two Cities abridged for English, it was not good. It's not to say I didn't enjoy the book. It is simply that it is so incredibly much better, granted it is very long. But I can deal with that. Apparently I can have it read in 28 days if I read 2-3 chapters a day. That is also fine with me, I enjoy, and have always enjoyed reading.
Elena has suggested meeting a few of her friends, both of which seem cool and eccentric. One is a metalhead, apparently, the other just has a good taste in music. I need to see Elena soon anyhow, it has been months since she and I have done something together.
I had other things to say which I do not remember, but that is alright.
Time to take Charlie (neighbor's dog) for a walk.


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