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No corridors of life & beauty

These enchanted halls are stained with the blood of night.

I am a multi-traditional/syncretist polytheist, pansexual, music-lover, amateur poet and love to draw. I write the occasional short story (but I never finish any of the said stories). I am undecided in my major, though, being an English major is becoming more and more appealing.
I adore nature, metal, Scandinavia, Vikings, long-haired men, mythology & good cup of tea. Reading & music keep me (relatively) sane, and I enjoy reflecting on the "darker" side of things. If you are looking for labels, I don't really have one, but I know my heart is one of a metalhead. This is something that isn't a label so much as a being. All who know me, know that I am excessively passionate about my love for metal (as well as my affinity for all things Nordic/Norse). Sometimes I wish I was European, and I ALWAYS wish to be with nature, even though I live in a post-industrial city.
I'm a bit addicted to the internet, but that's alright (usually).

Bisexuality is Real.

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